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Thursday, June 14, 2018

German Reichswehr Self-propelled Anti-Aircraft Battery. Germany, end of the 20s.

A German Reichswehr Self-Propelled Anti-Aircraft Battery of Kraftwagen 19 (Sd.Kdf. 1) 

A German battery formed by four self-propelled guns Kraftwagen 19 (Sd. Kfz. 1). 
The vehicles were the Krupp-Daimler KD-1, carrying 7,5-cm L /36 Flak (Anti-Aircraft Gun) Krupp. 
The vehicles appear out of focus because of a salvo fired immediately before, or because the diesel engines were working. Germany, end of the 20s.


  1. german army is one of the best, no doubt in it.

  2. Hello friend Jawad, with the statement of your comment is hard not to agree.

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    Hola amigo Jawad, con la afirmación de tu comentario es difícil no estar de acuerdo.

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